Ad-hoc Coach Steward

Would you like to earn extra £££ and receive free travel to see your favourite team play??? Why not become a steward on the coach???


* Check all passengers are onboard and on their allocated seats.

* Ensure to make an announcement to remind everyone alcohol is not permitted on coach trip

* Assist passengers, as and when necessary in terms of information and assistance with mobility for our disabled customers

* Remind passengers of timings when to return to the coach when on breaks at Service Stations and when to come back to the coaches after the game

You will need to be:

* At least 18 years old

* Professional but Friendly, well-mannered and approachable

* Previous stewarding experience would be preferable (but not necessary)

* A quick thinker, problem solver and someone who shows own initiative

* Has a good geographical knowledge of football grounds in reference to Southampton

* Saints fan or football fan in general would be an advantage (but not necessary)

Perks of the job:

* Free coach travel

* Match ticket will be reimbursed

* A generous compensation for your time

To apply:

* Send your interest to info@southamptonawaytravel.co.uk

* The applicant must have two character references that we can contact immediately.

This job is based on a self-employment basis. You will be responsible for paying your own National Insurance contribution & Taxes and declaring your income to HMRC.

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